MIPA Panel to Discuss Editing

On Thursday, January 9, 2014, I’ll be speaking on a panel about the different kinds of editing and how to work with editors.

The panel is sponsored by MIPA, the Midwest Independent Publishers Association, based in St. Paul, Minnesota. The other panelists are Sherry Roberts of the Roberts Group (and current MIPA board president) and Pat Morris of Book Architects.

For independent authors, determining what kind of editing services their project needs and how to work with editors is a complex task. The MIPA event will offer basic information about the different kinds of editing, from development editing to proofreading, and tips on hiring and working with editors.

In my part of the presentation I will focus on best practices in copyediting and proofreading. I’ll talk about the importance of a good style sheet and why you should never skip proofreading before you send your book to the printer.


Date: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Time: 7 pm

Place: Carondelet Center, St. Catherine University, 1890 Randolph Ave., St. Paul (map)


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