Style Sheets

A style sheet is created by the copyeditor specifically for the manuscript and intended for several audiences: the author(s), project manager, designer/typesetter, proofreader, and indexer. An effective style sheet has sections addressing various aspects of the manuscript. For example:

  • a list of the resources—style guide, dictionary, usage guide—that the copyeditor consulted
  • treatment of categories of terms, such as numbers and titles
  • a list of names and terms to ensure consistency in spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and so forth
  • codes used in the manuscript to mark special text elements, like indented quotations, bulleted lists, and subheads

See the gallery below for more information on style sheets and some examples.

For even more discussion of style sheets, see “Anatomy of a Style Sheet,” a series of blog posts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.