Trio Client Publishes a Best Seller

Trio Bookworks congratulates our client Debby Irving on making the Boston Globe best-seller list with her book Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race.

Cover of Waking Up WhiteFrom the moment we learned about Debby’s project—telling her story of awakening to her own white privilege, learning the truth about race and racism, and committing herself to anti-racist education and advocacy—we were excited about the opportunity to help her bring her vision to fruition.

Trio worked with Debby from the final development editing stage all the way through to publication. Every step in the publishing process involved close collaboration between Debby and Trio.

We made sure we understood her goals as we worked with her to craft a book that directly appealed to its audiences. We ensured professional standards were adhered to throughout the process, from cover and page design to proofreading. The result is an eye-catching book containing an engaging, inspiring story.

Recently Debby was interviewed by Kirkus Reviews about her experience self-publishing her book, and she described her work with Trio, which included assistance with her marketing plan. She commented, “I cannot adequately describe what it was like to have the part of the process I was dreading be so fun.”

Debby Irving has been a delight to work with, and all of us at Trio are proud to have contributed to her book’s success.

(You can read more about Debby Irving and Waking Up White on her website.)

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